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"Jaitara's generosity and joy and ability to share deeply and vulnerably about intimate topics in a way that shine a sacred light on all elements of life will touch you to your core. It is a kind of shift in awareness that  is a lasting transformation.

I am now living my dream every single day, building my dream business as a spiritual life coach/mentor, raising my beloved son and loving my life with my partner, expanding my spirituality and loving my body. Jaitara’s presence simply as an example as well as the very specific and powerful tools she has shared with me are invaluable. She is the embodiment of pleasure, beauty, feminine power and compassion.
 ~ Kayla Yoder; Musician, Artist, Coach

"My experience opened my eyes to how truly powerful I am. Not just for my own sexuality and how it can entice my partner, but also for the rest of my Being. 
Jaitara, you are magnificent! You have so much knowledge and experience. It was a pleasure learning from you.

I would say to anyone hesitating. "DO IT!!" It's a wonderful journey for learning for yourself and your partner. Even if you think you know everything you need to about all subjects, Jaitara will surprise you and tell you something you don't know! With love".
~ Leanne Dorish; Registered Clinical Councelor

“Learning to be a Sexual Priestess was initially frightening for me. In the first session with Jaitara I danced and it was fun and glorious. I feel "more"—more confidence,  more openness, more love. Several things have shifted for me. I needed to remember to breathe and dance wildly & that scars and past pain can be released and life moves joyfully forward for me when I let go. 

Jaitara is warm and loving.
​​​​​​​The sisterhood is diverse, compassionate and supportive. If you are thinking of signing up for the Priestess Journey... I would say "Do it! Do it today!"
~ Rhonnie C; San Antonio, Texas